A Private garden in Sunningdale

Design of secluded Woodland Gardens for a collection of Sculpture & Ceramics

This secluded, woodland garden in Sunningdale provides a beautiful showcase for the owner’s collection of sculpture and ceramics.

We designed a formal, structured garden comprising separate garden rooms. These were created using mature hedging and are linked by a series of traditional hand-made brick paths and dressed stone steps.

The design includes: a Sunken Garden with formal box parterre, herbaceous borders and a dramatic wrought iron gate leading into the adjoining woods; a croquet lawn with long, mixed shrub and herbaceous borders; a formal Lily Pool with pastel themed planting; a Secret Garden and a long Herbaceous Walk.

A notable element of the garden is the tennis court which is surrounded by an oak pergola festooned with fragrant climbers. This has a bespoke system of soft, curtain netting and discrete, telescopic lighting which allows the court to completely integrate within the ornamental design of the remaining gardens.