A Private Estate on Cote d’Azur

Masterplanning and Detailed Design for extensive Riviera Gardens

On a peninsula extending off the South coast of France, this 25 acre garden has spectacular 180 degree views of the Mediterranean and Alps beyond. Following several years of undirected maintenance, it no longer looked at its best and the owner commissioned us to perform a thorough professional overview of its condition.

We carried out a detailed assessment which included the preparation of an overall masterplan, comprehensive hard & soft landscape work packages and a detailed specification for the ongoing maintenance of the gardens.

Over the last four years the estate has been transformed with the addition of a vast amount of new planting designed to enhance the existing framework and develop new areas. The path network has been renovated and organised to improve circulation through the various areas of the garden, parts of which have been specifically designed as the settings to a large collection of monumental sculptures.

We are currently working closely with a local Architect and the gardening team to develop the next phase of the project comprising extensive terracing and broad swathes of arid planting.