A New Estate, Ramsbury, Wiltshire

Extensive Parkland and Garden Design for a new Park House within the North Wessex Downs AONB

We formed an integral part of the design team commissioned to prepare proposals for a new estate house within the North Wessex Downs AONB near Ramsbury. This scheme was successfully promoted in accordance with paragraph 55 of NPPF, which allows for the creation of new houses in the countryside, provided they are of exceptional quality.

Our work included the design of an overall landscape masterplan for this part of the wider estate. This provides significant enhancement through the creation of over 200 acres of new grazed, ornamental parkland, over 50 acres of new woodland and 4 km of new hedgerows. This masterplan included a detailed landscape management plan which sets out how the works were to be implemented over three years and then managed for the future.

We also designed the framework and formal gardens that surround the proposed house. The design of the house and its landscape evolved at the same pace and at the same time. The three areas of aesthetic design, being landscape, architecture and interiors worked together to arrive at a comprehensive scheme which is both highly polished and thoroughly integrated. We have also prepared detailed construction drawings, planting proposals and specification for the scheme.

We prepared an advanced package of structural landscape works which will create the framework to the new house. This includes large areas of new woodland planting incorporating several hundred semi-mature trees. We have coordinated the procurement and implementation of this work over the last year.