Knepp Castle Deer Park, West Sussex

Historic Landscape Survey & Restoration Masterplan including the Design of a new Deer Park

The Knepp Castle Estate originated as a deer park surrounding a Norman Castle. It was disemparked at some time during the 16th Century – at which time the castle fell into ruin. At the beginning of the 19th century a new castellated mansion, design by John Nash, was built at the center of the estate. This was sited to provide sweeping views across the enormous Mill Pond with long vistas towards the original castle. The new house formed the centerpiece to a simply designed picturesque landscape composition of woodland, pleasure ground and parkland. By the 20th century, most of the parkland was in arable rotation.

We were commissioned to prepare an Historic Landscape Survey & Restoration Masterplan for this 479 acre site which forms part of a more extensive 3,500 acre estate. The principal elements of the scheme were twofold. Firstly, the design and creation of a new deer park across most of the site. Secondly, the development of proposals to restore the 80 acre Mill Pond forming a centerpiece to the views to and from the Castle.

We also prepared a detailed Countryside Stewardship application which included identifying and programming an ambitious package of restoration and enhancement works over a 10 year period.